Psalm 24 is written like a procession of a King coming back from victory in battle, and about celebrating the presence of God entering His city and the possibility of the people of God entering His presence. On this procession we are given three distinct insights about God in relation to His people. These three insights can be described as: Announcing the King (v. 1-2), Approaching the King (v. 3-6), Acknowledging the King (v. 7-10).
Psalm 106 shows us what praise is about, and what prayer is about. The psalmist looks back on different times of hardship throughout history, yet in his praise and his prayer he highlights the faithfulness of God during those seasons of drought, and that’s what gives him joy and excitement for what’s ahead.
John Piper has pithily said, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t,” and that's exactly what Psalm 96 tells us. The mission of God's people has always been about His glory among the nations.