Fasting and prayer are not easy. That’s why the hypocrites loved to show them off. But this passage shows us that this whole principle of “your best life later” applies to the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting. We embrace the difficulty, trusting in our Father's reward in the future.
The level of your obedience to Jesus' teaching is the level to which you believe His promises concerning rewards. “Trust and obey” always go together. If we trust His promises, we will be able to obey in secret. If we don’t believe, then we’ll go around begging for others to notice us.
"Turning the other cheek" and "going the second mile" are great ideas. But Jesus doesn't actually expect us to do them in real life... does He?
We must pay very careful attention to what Jesus is saying in this passage. He is not simply saying that lust is as bad as adultery. What he says is more subtle, and more devastating, than that. 

During this season we are meeting in four gatherings of 30 people each. You are very welcome to join us, but will need to register in advance.