October 14, 2018
Abraham's story is not about Abraham. It's about God demonstrating His power by creating a great nation and bringing blessing the whole world, using only a nondescript 75-year-old and his childless wife.


October 7, 2018
Noah was an almost-second-Adam who fathered an almost-new-humanity on an almost-new-earth. But his failure to break the curse and crush the serpent helps us understand what kind of a Saviour we really need to look for.

The Fall

September 30, 2018
Not long after being created, Adam and Eve chose to reject their Maker and plunge themselves—and all their children—into sin. God's response to them is both heartbreaking and hopeful.


September 23, 2018
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth for His own glory. The pinnacle of His masterpiece was Adam and Eve, made for an absolutely unique purpose.