Sodom and Gomorrah, set within the bigger story of the Bible, is about fire and brimstone—and mercy. If you know Jesus, this is a mercy you’ve tasted, a mercy that you need fresh each morning, and a mercy that you get to share with a needy world.
Today we stop and remember that before Sodom was destroyed, it was interceded for. We marvel that God deliberately gave Abraham the opportunity to do this. And from this we learn a great deal about prayer in our own lives today.
Throughout their generations, God remained faithful—while Abraham’s offspring, God’s people, remained unfaithful. Far from blameless, they kept breaking the covenant instead of keeping it. And how does God respond? By being faithful.
The Babel-builders had a plan for a city and a tower. God had a plan for the global glory of His worthy Son. Guess whose plan succeeded?