The Heart of Depression

Was the author of Psalms 42-43 depressed? It depends on your definition.

Chris Hutchison on July 2, 2019

Was the author of Psalms 42-43 depressed? It depends on your definition. Many people today assume that depression is a purely clinical experience, and the only thing that depressed people need is medical help.

In recent years there’s been push-back to this perspective from some top psychiatrists; I shared some of this info in the first sermon in our Psalms series back in April. It’s also important for us to think about this issue from a thoroughly Biblical standpoint.

In an excellent article called “The Heart of Depression,” Biblical counsellor Ed Welch does just that, using the Bible’s wisdom to probe the physical and spiritual roots of depression. Whether or not we’ve struggled with depression ourselves, we all should seek to be able to help those who do, and reading this article would be a great place to start:

The causes of spiritual depression depend on how you define it. If spiritual is narrowly defined to mean depression that is caused by sin, the quest for a cause is over. But…


Chris Hutchison
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