How to Pray the Bible

What does “praying Scripture” actually look like?

Chris Hutchison on March 30, 2019

This past Sunday we were reminded of how prayer, according to Scripture, should be filled up with God’s purposes and promises. I mentioned that one of the best ways to do this is to actually pray the Bible itself.

I think I first learned this concept from John Piper. In a recent podcast, he was asked the question, “How do I pray the Bible?” In his answer, he said, “praying the Scriptures is so important in the Christian life. If we don’t form the habit of praying the Scriptures, our prayers will almost certainly degenerate into vain repetitions that eventually revolve entirely around our immediate private concerns, rather than God’s larger purposes.”

He goes on to explain how to pray the Bible and gives some practical examples of what it actually looks like. You can listen to or read the whole thing here—it’s very much worth your time:

Praying the Bible keeps us from focusing on our immediate private concerns to the exclusion of God’s larger purposes.

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