Don’t Waste Your Quarantine

Housebound? Whether you’re busy or bored, check out this collection of resources.

Chris Hutchison on April 1, 2020

Updated May 3.

For many of us, this season of COVID-19 means lots more time at home than we’re used to. Families with small children may be on the prowl for worthy activities to fill their days. Hopefully you’ll find some help below.

Others of you, once the projects have all been caught up, may find yourselves with time on your hands: time you can waste, or invest wisely. I encourage you to use this time for the kingdom of God, and one way you can do that is by developing, learning and growing yourself.

Whatever your situation looks like right now, I offer you this collection of resources. Here you’ll find websites, books, podcasts, videos, and so on. Consider this informational; I don’t necessarily endorse the full contents of everything you’ll find here. However, I have placed things on this list which I have a certain level of trust for and which I expect to be helpful to you.

Also, this is just a start. I hope to keep this list updated.

Books and Online Resources

  • The Final Days of Jesus Video Series
    • “In this video series, well-known New Testament scholars explore the background and significance of the history-shaping events that occurred during Jesus’s last week on earth.”
    • Videos are about 5 minutes each.
  • Free Subscription to
    • You’ve heard me talk about the ESV Study Bible a bunch. It’s now available online for free, along with a bunch of other fantastic Bible study resources.
    • Crossway is also giving away other resources for free at this page.
  • Creation and Marine Biology
    • This is a four-part lecture series from Dr. Gordon Wilson of “The Riot and the Dance” (see below).
    • The password to access is RIOTFAMILY

For Families and Children

  • “The Biggest Story” Short Film
    • Based on the excellent book by Kevin DeYoung, this 26-minute animated film walks through the big story of the Bible in a way that will captivate and benefit the whole family.
  • Big Picture Bible Crafts
    • Crossway is offering this as a free PDF. It is full of fantastic crafts and activities for children.
  • New City Catechism
    • A time-tested way to pass on the faith using a question-and-answer format.
    • Available as a free app, it comes with songs for children and devotionals and prayers for the whole family.



For kids:

For women:

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