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Why Membership?

Church membership is not a practice we add to the Bible’s teaching on the life of the church. Instead, it is something we practice in order to recover an important aspect of the Bible’s teaching on the life of the church: the joyful privilege of a public, committed identification with the body of Christ.

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Longing for God’s Justice

Yesterday, we considered most of Psalm 63 in our Sunday service. There is a final section of the Psalm which we didn’t look at in too much detail. Here’s what

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Fighting Spiritual Despair

The following is from a personal letter written by Martin Luther to a close friend who was struggling with spiritual despair. His advice is practical, biblical, and syncs well with what we learned on Sunday from Psalm 42-43.

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Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

July 1 marks the half-way point in our fiscal year, and hopefully you took a look at the financial update in this week’s bulletin. As we’ve been discussing financial matters

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