You Are Here

From September 2018 to April 2019, we went on a journey from one end of the Bible to the other, discovering how the Bible is one story, Jesus Christ is the main character of the story, and we are a part of that story today.

Re-trace our steps below through the sermons and blog posts that are all here in one spot, arranged by date.

Table of Contents:


Law, Covenant, and Mission

The reason why New Testament Christians are allowed to wear cotton/polyester blends isn’t because God’s righteousness has changed, or because the rules he gave to Israel were silly.

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Suffering and Healing

We should be thankful that God doesn’t say “yes” to every prayer for healing. He so often uses pain and suffering and sickness to work in our life, doing things He couldn’t do any other way.

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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is not some extra thing that a few Christians might encounter every once and a while. The Christian life itself is spiritual war.

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Prayer, according to the Bible, is asking God to do what He has already promised to do. But if that’s true, then why should we pray in the first place?

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Not everyone should go to the unreached peoples of the world. But we won’t be effective at staying unless we are willing to go.

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