Adult Sunday School

Chris Hutchison

Who We Are

Who We Are, Part 1: Up to the Reformation

Who are we as a church? Where did we come from, and how do we fit within global, historic Christianity? Today we begin to answer that question with an all-to-quick peek at the first 1500 years of church history.

Connected - Wisdom for a Wired Age

Don’t Be the Product

Understanding how the Internet—and particularly social media—actually works can help us know how to use it wisely.

Connected - Wisdom for a Wired Age

Captive to Our Devices

How do screens impact our relationships? Is “virtual church” even a possibility? Should we be reading the Bible on our phones? Explore these important questions and more in this week’s discussion.

Connected - Wisdom for a Wired Age

Media Matters

The medium shapes the message. How we say something affects what we end up saying, often in profound ways.

About Time

About Time – Week 5

In our fifth and final discussion, we tackle weekly and daily planning.

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