Why We Fight

September 29, 2019
Timothy was charged to shut down the false teachers who were obscuring the gospel message. But we need to remember that this wasn’t just about debates; it wasn’t just about proving who was right. It was about the gospel, the same gospel that transformed Paul from being a Jesus-hater into a Jesus-lover.

Godly Men

October 13, 2019
1 Timothy 2:8 and following shows us that we are not just a generic group of Christians. We are Christian men and Christian women, and the contours of our discipleship often look different from one another. And this is wonderfully good news.


November 3, 2019
The health of the Ephesian church—like our own—depended on a team of strong and godly leaders. How was Timothy to know who belonged on that team, and who did not? And what's this mean for us today?
A marathon runner who wants to win doesn’t just show up on race day. They train in order to win. A Christian who wants to live a life of long-term faithfulness needs to take the exact same approach.