Yes, this passage is for us. The invitation is for all of us to share in suffering like good soldiers of Jesus, and to think and remember that we might suffer well.
In contrast to the false teachers, Timothy needed to handle the word of truth rightly. And as he did his best to do that, he could look forward to unashamed approval in God’s presence.
The kind of person that God can use for His good and honourable work is a someone who is holy and pure and set apart for Him. And you and I have a part to play in becoming that kind of person.
Though there are specifics here for pastors and elders, the heart of this passage is for all of the people of God. This world provides us with endless opportunities for foolish, ignorant quarrels. And instead, God tells us to be not quarrelsome but kind to everyone, patient and gentle and with gracious speech—even when we need to speak out against what is wrong.
Not everyone was going to respond well to Timothy's ministry. In fact, things were going to get worse. How was Timothy—and how are we—supposed to press on when we know it won't get any easier?
In every generation, there are few things more important for the church than to recover and hang on to a right understanding and a right practice of preaching. Today's passage shows us why—and how.
The last few laps of a runner’s race are the most exciting—that’s when you’re getting close to your goal! They are also the most difficult, when it gets harder and harder to keep going. And they are also the most important, because without them, nothing else matters.
Dying well isn’t something we can just whip up at the end of our life. Dying well is something we start the moment we say yes to Jesus. The Christian life is a living death.