On the Ball for Fall

Join a ministry team at EBC for our 2021/22 season!

                                            <a href="">Announcement Video (from 2019)</a>

Children's Ministry

Watching 2-4 year olds during the sermon, every few weeks.
Small group leading, verse listening, games leading.

Music Ministry

Tech Ministry

Putting the words on the screen, etc.
Preparing audio and video for uploading to the website after the service. Basic computer skills are all that's necessary.

Other Ministries

Handing out bulletins, assisting people with finding a seat, taking and counting the offering.
Greeting people as they enter the building and help everyone feel welcome.
We're needing a crew of people to take turns unlocking and locking up the building on Sundays.
Men's breakfasts included!
Committees include Worship, Missions & Outreach, Finance & Trustee (Building), Kitchen, and Decorating