Recommended Mentoring Tools:

Leading Like Jesus

  • Based on MentorLink’s Leadership Covenant, this mentoring tool includes a devotional guide and discussion questions
  • It’s ideal for leadership-level mentoring, or to begin to prepare someone for leadership
  • You can download a copy here:

Simple Truths

  • A basic “catechism” of evangelical beliefs in simple English, with Scripture references.
  • An excellent tool for new or immature believers, including those without an English background.
  • Available online in several languages at
  • A shorter version called “God’s Story, Our Story” is also available for download here:

The Walk: Steps for New and Renewed Followers of Jesus

  • Excellent book for helping new, not-yet, or returning Christians, using the gospel of Mark as a base.
  • It’s recommended that you and your mentee each have a copy; you can purchase online or through the NBC bookstore.

Habits of Grace

  • Excellent and readable book on establishing spiritual disciplines.
  • One copy in church library.

LifeLine Mini-Books

  • These are the small booklets in the church foyer.
  • The are excellent discussion tools on a variety of difficult topics.
  • Each one has several recommended action steps which could be very helpful in a mentoring context.

31-Day Devotionals for Life

  • “In this 31-Day Devotionals for Life series, biblical counsellors and Bible teachers guide you through Scripture passages that speak to specific situations or struggles, helping you to apply God’s Word to your life in practical ways day after day.”
  • These devotionals cover topics such as money, anxiety, pornography, contentment, addictive habits, anger, assurance, fear, doubt, chronic illness, and marriage conflict.
  • Several are available in the church library.

Christianity Explored / Discipleship Explored

  • These online courses work well in a one-on-one setting
  • Christianity Explored is perfect for those who are not yet believers or who have little understanding of the gospel
  • Discipleship Explored is a great basic introduction to the Christian life
  • These courses are available free online:
  • We also do have Christianity Explored books available at the church.

Other Resources

  • We have several more excellent books in the church library on the “Spiritual Encouragement” shelf which could be helpful as mentoring tools, covering topics of prayer, spiritual growth, as well as specific struggles like depression and anxiety.
  • You can also feel free to ask Chris for suggestions and recommendations.

Resources to Help You Grow in Mentoring:

One to One Bible Reading

  • Short, helpful book which will equip you to use simple Bible reading in a mentorship/discipleship environment.
  • Two copies available in the church library.


  • This short book by Mark Dever speaks is about person-to-person discipling, of which mentoring is one component. Much of it is applicable to mentoring relationships.
  • One copy in the church library.
Teaching from Marvin Brubacher