Getting Baptized at EBC

Baptism Instruction

In place of baptism classes, we ask that you read, watch or listen to the following messages prior to your baptism.

Your Testimony

An important part of getting baptized is sharing your testimony with the congregation. Please understand, this isn’t about having an impressive “zinger” of a testimony. There’s no such thing as a boring testimony when we remember that all of our testimonies are essentially the same: the son of God became a man to die in our place, and His Holy Spirit has caused us to be born again in Him.

And that’s really the point of a baptismal testimony: showing the congregation that you understand the gospel, have believed it for yourself, and have been born again. As you prepare a testimony, I’d encourage you to aim for 2 minutes or less, and to include these pieces of information:

  • A brief introduction of you and where you are from (if new to EBC)
  • Briefly share how you came to believe the gospel for yourself. This part should demonstrate that you understand what the gospel is. For example, “I came to believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins when…”
  • Share some evidence from your life today that you have been born again. (i.e. “in the past year God has given me a desire to know Him more and has been helping me obey and follow Him…”)
  • State why you’d like to be baptized

Please send me your testimony a couple of weeks before the baptism, if you’re able. I’d be happy to look at an early draft and give you some help and pointers.

The Day of the Baptism

You’ll need two sets of clothes. There are two options:

1. You can wear one set of clothes to church, change into your baptismal clothes before you are baptized, then change back into your other set after you are baptized.

2. You can some to church already wearing the clothes you are going to baptized in, then change into your second set after you are baptized,

The clothes you wear for your baptism should be selected with care.

  • Avoid wearing jeans if at all possible. (They get very heavy and restrict movement when wet). Man-made fabrics (polyester, nylon) allow the water to drain quickly, don’t cling quite as much, and allow better movement.
  • Don’t wear a t-shirt, low-cut shirt or dress, tight-fitting shirt or pants— baggy is better. A sweatshirt is a good option. Wear darker coloured clothing.
  • Undergarments need to be worn. All undergarments should be skin tone or white in colour.

Other details for the day of the baptism:

  • Leave your towels and clothes in the bathroom for easy access after you have been baptized.
  • Bring a plastic bag to take your wet clothes home in.
  • Bring two towels- one to dry yourself and one to stand on in the washroom (so you do’t slip and the floor doesn’t get too set.)
  • Meet in Pastor Chris’ office at 10:00 that morning.

When it comes time to be baptized, you’ll step into the tank, and share your testimony with the congregation. Then you’ll be asked three questions: Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and are you now trusting in Him alone for the forgiveness of your sins and the fulfillment of all God’s promises to you, even eternal life? Do you forsake Satan and all his works and all his ways? And, do you intend with God’s help to obey Jesus’ teaching and follow him as your Lord?

Then Pastor Chris will immerse you under the water, bring up up again, and then pray for you. Then you’ll leave the tank to go get changed into dry clothes, and re-join the service.