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What We Believe

…God, who speaks and acts and creates, and it’s not until further down in the chapter that humans show up. This is so important, because it tells us that we…

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Timothy, Ephesus and Us

…have a really important part to play. And so we spent almost half the series exploring how the big story of the Bible impacts our lives at some very practical…

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How Jesus Leads His Church

book and He leads us through it. And like we talked about last week, submitting to Jesus means submitting to the Bible. However, this is not the only way that…

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Passage: Genesis 1:1, 26-31 | Message By: Chris Hutchison | Series: You Are Here

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What Is a Church?

…who each other are. We find this as far back as the book of Acts, where the church demonstrated  a clear understanding of who was (and who was not) a…

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