Month: March 2020

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Hospitality and Social Distancing

What does it look like for us to “show hospitality to one another without grumbling” (1 Peter 4:9, ESV) in the middle of a pandemic? Rosaria Butterfield, author of The Gospel Comes With a House Key (available in our church library) explores this important question in this excellent article:

Christians know that the dread of death can only be met by the redemption in Jesus Christ, so we need to proclaim Christ into a COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 Update

*Updated June 1, 2020.

Dear EBC family,

We are excited to announce a target date for gathering in-person again: June 14. With a cap of 30 people in one location, we can expect that we’ll need to adjust to ongoing restrictions as we comply with the provincial government’s guidelines. We will keep you updated over the next two weeks.

In the meantime,

  • We continue to hear encouraging reports from many of you who were able to access our live stream on Sunday. You are able to access the full recording of the previous service from the same place on the home page of our website, as well as from the “Sermons” page.
  • The church office is no longer open to the public, but we are able to grant access to the building as needed (to drop off donations, access the library, etc.). Please call the church office to arrange this.
  • If you have any needs related to the COVID-19 situation, or would like to help those who do, please contact one of the deaconesses.

As a reminder, Sunday School, seniors’ luncheons, and men’s breakfasts have also been cancelled.

Even though we won’t be gathering all together Sunday mornings, we do still have options for giving. In addition to giving online at, you can send an e-transfer to, mail a cheque to the church office (Box 1198), or drop gifts off to the church office in person during weekday mornings.

We will post any updates here on our website. In the meantime, while we wait to be able to gather together again, let’s determine to walk by faith, not by fear. The King of kings is working all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Let’s keep our eyes fixed on Him and seek to love one another and bring Him glory in this season!

On behalf of the board,

Pastor Chris

Download our COVID-19 Prayer Guide:

We invite you to watch or listen to our three-part sermon series, “Promises in the Pandemic.”

Who God has been for us in the past is the guarantee of who He will be for us in the future.
God has promised to provide everything we need to be content. Will we believe that He will keep His promise? And will we be content when He does?
What do the events of the first Easter Sunday have to say about our status today?
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Responding to COVID-19 Like a Christian

I’ve been pondering how we, as Christians, should be thinking about and responding to what is now officially a COVID-19 pandemic. This article says many of the things I would want to say, and so I commend it to you as a biblical guide to help us process these matters.

Self-isolation; pandemic; super spreader; coronavirus; COVID-19. Just a few of the words that have become
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Towards More Meaningful Conversations

Relationships with other Christians should go past the surface. They should be deep and meaningful. But that’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

How do we engage our brothers and sisters in more meaningful conversation? How can we do this even in the hustle and bustle of a Sunday morning?

The following short video from Biblical counsellor Ed Welch, drawing on his book “Caring for One Another: 8 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships” (on order for the church library) highlights two simple questions you can use, even on a Sunday morning, to help you break past the small-talk barrier.

Click below to watch:

What does it look like to strike up an intentional conversation aimed at deepening our relationships?